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Angry Tiki Votive Holder
Item #: SC7398
The Angry Tiki Votive Holder may seems displeased with you, but he just wants to find a place in your current decor. This playful item captures the spirit of the islands in a traditional symbol so you can accent any room of your home.
Price: $15.00
Coral Pillar Candleholder
Item #: SI-33980
When you want to enjoy the nighttime beauty of the seashore, this candle can illuminate your view. The Coral Pillar Candleholder displays a glass cup that protects any candle placed within, standing on a coral base.
Price: $115.00
On Sale For: $84.00
Coral Pillar Candleholder Set
Item #: SI-33989
Illuminate your home or beach house with these coral reef candle holders. The Coral Pillar Candleholder Set includes three stands shaped to the appearance of metallic coral for the display of pillar, tea light, or votive candles.
Price: $119.00
On Sale For: $86.00
Double Octopus Candleholder
Item #: VH-O101M
An artistic decor accent, the Double Octopus Candleholder features an intricate octopus wrapping its tentacles around two candle holders to create a functional and beautiful display that will shed some light on your surroundings.
Price: $495.00
Grand Octopus Quartet Candleholder
Item #: VH-O101X
A fantastic display of aquatic elegance, the Grand Octopus Quartet Candleholder is the perfect centerpiece for your table setting. Providing ample light for a candle lit dinner, this piece features an octopus with four candle sockets.
Price: $715.00
Hanging Lanterns Octopus
Item #: SI-34066
Octopuses possess no skeleton, a fact which allows them to squeeze through incredibly tight spaces. The Hanging Lanterns Octopus shows off this fascinating animal along with three small lanterns that hang from several of its limbs.
Price: $219.00
On Sale For: $157.50
Happy Tiki Votive Holder
Item #: SC7399
The wild spirit of the beach will be calling out to you with the playful Happy Tiki Votive Holder. This unique item can be a great way to introduce some beach themed decor into any room of your home or office, so grab one today.
Price: $15.00
Lighthouse Lantern
Item #: SI-33694
Lighthouses protect ships sailing nearby with their brilliant beams. The Lighthouse Lantern will illuminate your twilight garden paths with its soft candlelight either as a hanging or sitting lantern.
Price: $219.00
On Sale For: $159.00
Mermaid Candleholder
Item #: SI-33815
The style of your beach house or home will work well with this fantastic candleholder. The Mermaid Candleholder supports a pillar candle of your choice on its wide stand that appears on top of sea grasses and a sitting mermaid.
Price: $39.00
On Sale For: $29.00
Mermaid Lantern
Item #: SI-33693
Mermaids form a crucial part of ocean lore, appearing in myths and legends as dangerous sirens and beautiful enchantresses. The Mermaid Lantern depicts one figure holding her lantern aloft as she caresses the dolphin who accompanies her.
Price: $180.00
On Sale For: $132.00
Ocean Life Tall Candleholder
Item #: VH-O101S
A tasteful piece of aquatic decor, the Ocean Life Tall Candleholder prominently displays a single tapered candle socket being anchored by a variety of sea life. The perfect choice when needing a single light in the dark.
Price: $385.00
Octopus Candle Holder
Item #: CC12062
As has been noted many times before, the best thing about having eight arms is all the things you can carry with them. Like candles. So many candles. With the Octopus Candle Holder, you and darkness will never meet again.
Price: $40.00
Octopus Pillar Candelabra
Item #: SI-34067
Many people recognize octopuses by their many legs and fail to realize the many other interesting traits of these creatures, such as their incredible flexibility! The Octopus Pillar Candelabra shows off a very limber octopus.
Price: $189.00
On Sale For: $135.00
Octopus Pillar Candleholder
Item #: SI-50948
Using two of its legs to support a seashell above its head, this octopus forms the perfect platform for your choice of pillar candle. The Octopus Pillar Candleholder makes a fantastic piece of aquatic decor for your home.
Price: $21.00
Octopus Pillar Trio Candelabra
Item #: SI-34065
Lacking a skeleton, octopuses display incredible flexibility with their bodies and are able to squeeze through incredibly tight spaces. The Octopus Pillar Trio Candelabra reveals a stylish octopus showing off its limber body.
Price: $139.00
On Sale For: $101.30
Sea Horse and Shell Candleholder
Item #: VH-O101T
A delightful centerpiece for your aquatic theme, the Sea Horse and Shell Candleholder brings a wonderful touch of the ocean to your table. This piece features a single tapered candle socket, providing an elegant way to light your meal.
Price: $363.00
Seahorse Lantern
Item #: SI-50556
Seahorses can change colors to match their environment and prehensile tails, making them fascinating fish for ocean lovers to study and exhibit. The Seahorse Lantern lets you show off one creature as a source of illumination.
Price: $39.00
On Sale For: $29.00
Tiki Pillar Candle Holder
Item #: SC7268
If you have been searching for a fun way to introduce the beach life into your home, then consider the Tiki Pillar Candle Holder. This playful decoration may just be the bit of island spirit that your life has been missing.
Price: $18.00
Tiki Surfer Candle Holder
Item #: SC7271
Introduce some elements of island living into your home with the playful Tiki Surfer Candle Holder. This unique piece can be the ideal way to commemorate a successful trip to the beach, so be sure to grab one today.
Price: $18.00
Triple Crab Pillar Candleholder
Item #: VH-O102
Perfect to achieve a romantic atmosphere, the Triple Crab Pillar Candleholder effectively provides the soft lighting which perfectly illuminates your table adding ambience to the meal. This piece is built to house large pillar candles.
Price: $165.00