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Clownfish Pewter Pin Badge
While this saltwater fish is sensitive to toxins and pollution, it possesses a protective coating that allows it to live harmoniously with the sea anemone. Show some love for this delightful creature with the Clownfish Pewter Pin Badge.
Price: $5.00
Diveheart Pin
Item #: PS-TBR352
If you have spent time on a ship diving into the sea then you are probably familiar with the diver down flag. This Diveheart Pin is a wonderful accessory that showcases the honored symbol in a colorful and playful manner.
Price: $35.00
Dolphin Pewter Pin Badge
Highly revered for a high IQ and a social nature, this sea mammal is a symbol of peace and harmony, playfulness and joy. The Dolphin Pewter Pin Badge depicts a beautiful creature who inspires with its deep intuition and inner strength.
Price: $4.84
Octopus Pewter Pin Badge
The Octopus Pewter Pin Badge depicts the fascinating cephalopod who has played a vital role in the myths and lore of the ocean. It is such a complex, intriguing sea creature that numerous inspirational meanings are associated with it.
Price: $7.50
Scuba Dive Gear Pin
Item #: PS-TBR365
If you wish your time at the beach could be never-ending, perhaps this Scuba Dive Gear Pin is the perfect way to bring the sea with you, no matter where you go. With this, fun in the sun will much more than a distant memory.
Price: $30.00
Sea Turtle Pewter Pin Badge
While this creature moves slowly when on land, it glides with agility and swiftness through the waters of the ocean. The Sea Turtle Pewter Pin Badge depicts a reptile said to symbolize ancient wisdom, persistence, and determination.
Price: $5.00
Seahorse Pewter Pin Badge
With its carefree, go-with-the flow attitude, the Seahorse Pewter Pin Badge is sure to inspire. This beautiful marine fish is a symbol of patience and contentment. For centuries, sailors have viewed the seahorse as a sign of good luck.
Price: $5.00
Shark Pewter Pin Badge
Just the mention of this primal and fierce underwater predator causes many to shrink back in terror. The Shark Pewter Pin Badge is a reminder that these masters of survival should inspire one to proceed through life without fear.
Price: $5.00
Stingray Pewter Pin Badge
This clever sea creature blends into the ocean floor, relying on its sense of smell and electroreceptors to capture its unsuspecting prey. The Stingray Pewter Pin Badge depicts a creature said to inspire faith in ones own abilities.
Price: $5.00
Twin Scuba Tank Pin
Item #: PS-TBR358
The Twin Scuba Tank Pin is a wonderful alternative to traditional jewelry, and it stands out even more as it is themed for divers. Inspire those around you to augment their wardrobe and introduce a some aquatic flare and fun.
Price: $38.00