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Black Mermaid Shot Glass
Item #: WU-1397
A fantastic addition to your barware collection, the Black Mermaid Shot Glass brings the wonder of the ocean to your night of drinking. Embossed on the black surface is a shining silver colored mermaid creating an aquatic look.
Price: $11.00
Black Mermaid Wine Glass
Item #: WU-1396
Elegantly enjoy the wine of your choosing with the Black Mermaid Wine Glass, which features a lovely mermaid embossed on the exterior. This wine glass is perfect for expressing your love of oceanic fantasy.
Price: $17.00
Captains Cups with Storage Box
Item #: 804398
Be you a heroic swashbuckler or a ruthless buccaneer, salute your next voyage with this elegant pair of shot glasses. Made of spun brass and plated in silver, the Captains Cups with Storage Box are safe for your next rum toast!
Price: $25.00
Clam Shell Old Fashion Glass
Item #: VH-O407C-1
Bringing a unique and refreshing twist to a classic glass design, the Clam Shell Old Fashion features a circle of pewter cockle shells around the base. This glass brings a wave of ocean fun to every drink you make.
Price: $39.00
Mermaid Shot Glass
Item #: WU-1510
Swimming through her aquatic world, this lovely mermaid appears in a fantasy of coral reefs and long sea grasses. The Mermaid Shot Glass allows you to enjoy this mermaid as a functional and decorative part of your home bar.
Price: $18.00
Mist Seashell Stoneware Mug
Item #: VH-O353S-1-CQ-M
Impress your guests with your oceanic theme as they enjoy their late night coffee from the Mist Seashell Stoneware Mug. This blue-gray mug is adorned with an exquisite pewter shell, giving an elegant look to this well-crafted mug.
Price: $19.00
Octopus and Anchor Bordeaux Wine Glass
Item #: VH-O2442T
Designed to be aesthetically pleasing and aerate the wine to bring out its full flavor, the Octopus and Anchor Bordeaux Wine Glass is an elegant way to enjoy the complex taste of your favorite Bordeaux wine.
Price: $71.00
Octopus and Anchor Burgundy Wine Glass
Item #: VH-O2441T
A magnificent accent to bring an oceanic vibe to your dinner, the Octopus and Anchor Burgundy Wine Glass features an octopus supporting a small anchor which acts as the base and stem of this delightful wine glass.
Price: $71.00
Octopus and Anchor Red Wine Glass
Item #: VH-O2443T
A delightful accent for your place setting, the Octopus and Anchor Red Wine Glass brings out the flavors of your wine while you enjoy the nautical scene it depicts. Featured in this design are a pewter octopus holding up an anchor.
Price: $71.00
Octopus and Anchor White Wine Glass
Item #: VH-O2444T
Experience your wine like a connoisseur using the Octopus and Anchor White Wine Glass, perfectly shaped for enhancing the flavor of white wines, while expressing a wonderful nautical theme to make them stand out.
Price: $71.00
Octopus Champagne Flute
Item #: VH-O2447T
Inspired by the Italian folktale in which an octopus saves a village from marauding pirates by ringing the church bells, the Octopus Champagne Flute features an octopus lifting an anchor, creating the pewter base of the flute.
Price: $71.00
Octopus Mug
Item #: SC1630
Octopi are insanely intelligent creatures. They can memorize patterns, open locks and doors, and solve puzzles, so it is no wonder that many people call them their favorite animal. Show your love for them with the Octopus Mug!
Price: $15.00
Seashell Old Fashion Glass
Item #: VH-O407-1
Bring the relaxing nature of the beach to your bar with the Seashell Old Fashion Glass, which features a base adorned with a circle of seashells. This glass will bring personality and life to your bar with its unique design.
Price: $38.00
White Seashell Stoneware Mug
Item #: VH-O353S-1-CQ-W
A beautiful mug with a touch of oceanic beauty, the White Seashell Stoneware Mug the perfect purchase for those who enjoy hot beverages or host guests that do. This mug is crafted from stoneware and adorned with a pewter shell accent.
Price: $19.00