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Bourbon Deep Sea Anchor Decanter Tag
Item #: VH-O135AB
A wonderful accent to make your bar stand out, the Bourbon Deep Sea Anchor Decanter Tag will dress up your decanter with the appropriate label. Its perfect for those who enjoy bourbon or have an array of liquors in their bars.
Price: $22.00
Dolphin Trio Beverage Tub
Item #: SI-34176
When throwing your next beach bash, be sure to offer your guests their favorite chilled drinks in fine aquatic style! The Dolphin Trio Beverage Tub includes a deep bowl set atop a stand formed by three dolphins and ocean waves.
Price: $200.00
Gin Deep Sea Anchor Decanter Tag
Item #: VH-O135AG
An amazing accent for your bar, the Gin Deep Sea Anchor Decanter Tag will ensure you use the correct drink to make your cocktail. This tag is crafted from quality pewter and displays an anchor, bringing a nautical feel to your bar.
Price: $22.00
Mist Seashell Stoneware Pitcher
Item #: VH-O360S-CQ-M
Bringing an ocean vibe to your table, the Mist Seashell Stoneware Pitcher is the perfect accompaniment for your meal. This pitcher features beautiful curves and is accented with an intricate pewter scallop shell.
Price: $66.00
Octopus Beverage Tub
Item #: SI-34178
No beach party is complete without the Octopus Beverage Tub! This large drink tub features an octopus with long, twisting limbs supporting the round aluminum tub that is perfect for chilling bottles and soda cans at your next bash.
Price: $350.00
Octopus Glass Cocktail Pitcher
Item #: VH-O457O
Gorgeously designed to depict a sly octopus making his way into the pitcher, the Octopus Glass Cocktail Pitcher is a unique piece which is perfect to express your oceanic interests as you serve your favorite beverage to your guests.
Price: $330.00
Pewter Octopus and Steel Ice Tub
Item #: VH-O819O
With excellent quality and kraken-inspired style, the Octopus Punch Bowl is guaranteed to make people look twice. A pure pewter Octopus holds a hammered and polished stainless steel tub in his writhing tentacles.
Price: $2,640.00
Rum Deep Sea Anchor Decanter Tag
Item #: VH-O135AR
Perfect for those looking to add a nautical touch to their bar, the Rum Deep Sea Anchor Decanter Tag will elegantly distinguish your rum from the other liquors displayed in your collection and ensure you use the drink you intend.
Price: $22.00
Scotch Deep Sea Anchor Decanter Tag
Item #: VH-O135AS
Excellent for prominently displaying what your decanter holds, the Scotch Deep Sea Anchor Decanter Tag is the perfect way to ensure your guests and yourself are selecting the correct beverage to make their favorite cocktail.
Price: $22.00
Sea Horse Bottle Stopper
Item #: VH-V960H
Accent your bar and preserve your liquor by using the Sea Horse Bottle Stopper, which features a dark pewter sea horse perched on a pewter stopper. A rubber gasket accents the stopper to provide an air tight fit for most bottles.
Price: $33.00
Sea Life Pitcher Glass
Item #: VH-O100
An eye catching way to set your table setting apart, the Sea Life Pitcher Glass brings oceanic beauty to any event you choose. This wonderful pitcher is sure to impress your guests whether at dinner or over drinks at your private bar.
Price: $275.00
Sea Life Wine Decanter
Item #: VH-O400
Enchant your guests with the splendor of the Sea Life Wine Decanter, which brings the wonder of the ocean to your event. This decanter features a glass vessel with a lid, handle, and base crafted from high quality pewter.
Price: $202.00
Seashell Curved Glass Pitcher
Item #: VH-O450CL
Serve your beverage of choice with the Seashell Curved Glass Pitcher to bring a wonderful oceanic touch to your table setting. This clear glass pitcher is accented with a thin rope and a delightful scallop shell both crafted in pewter.
Price: $121.00
Seashell Small Glass Ice Bucket
Item #: VH-O426S
A wonderful addition to your barware collection, the Seashell Small Glass Ice Bucket is an excellent way to bring the relaxed nature of the beach to your home or event. This bucket is accented with a pewter scallop shell.
Price: $160.00
Shell Accented Large Ice Bucket
Item #: VH-O126CL
A delightful addition to your barware, the Shell Accented Large Ice Bucket is the perfect vessel to chill your champagne or other beverages. This bucket is also handy for keeping a nearby supply of ice for other drinks.
Price: $255.00
Short Octopus Liquor Decanter
Item #: VH-O469T
Bringing an exotic personality to your home bar, the Short Octopus Liquor Decanter is a fantastic way to express your oceanic interest. This decanter is crafted from clear glass and topped with a pewter octopus lid.
Price: $155.00
Short Seashell Liquor Decanter
Item #: VH-O469S
Unwind with the relaxing beach style of the Short Seashell Liquor Decanter, which features a smooth curvy design and a pewter conch shell top. This decanter will bring a wonderful touch of life and personality to your bar.
Price: $154.00
Small Seashell Glass Pitcher
Item #: VH-O450CS
An elegant way to serve cream, sauces, and syrups at your table, the Small Seashell Glass Pitcher is accented with pewter in the forms of a twisting rope and intricate scallop shells to maintain your desired nautical theme.
Price: $88.00
Tall Octopus Liquor Decanter
Item #: VH-O479T
Excellent for bringing a wondrous aquatic feel to your home bar, the Tall Octopus Liquor Decanter will dress up your favorite liquor with its intricate pewter depiction of an octopus resting upon the cap.
Price: $155.00
Tall Seashell Liquor Decanter
Item #: VH-O479S
Accenting your bar with the relaxing tones of the beach, the Tall Seashell Liquor Decanter is perfect for storing your favorite liquor. This decanter is crafted from clear glass with a lovely pewter conch shell top.
Price: $154.00