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5 Piece Set of Coral Silverware
Item #: VH-O1
Exquisite cutlery worthy of the finest dinner parties, this 5 Piece Set of Coral Silverware is just what you need to complete your oceanic themed table setting. Crafted from quality pewter, these pieces are nothing shy of stunning.
Price: $165.00
Coral and Shell Measuring Spoons
Item #: VH-O131S
Made for those who require a kitchen which employs the full beauty of the ocean, the Coral and Shell Measuring Spoons are a perfect way to incorporate this natural beauty into anything you decide to make.
Price: $230.00
Coral Reef Pie Server
Item #: VH-O823L
A beautiful way to bring your desired aquatic theme to whatever dessert your serve is by using the Coral Reef Pie Server. This pie server features a realistic design of stag horn coral and conch shells to create its unique handle.
Price: $94.00
Coral Serving Spoon
Item #: VH-O33L
Ensuring that your dinner party stands out, the elegant Coral Serving Spoon features an elaborate ocean themed design which is sure to be complemented and ignite interesting discussion amongst your guests.
Price: $94.00
Crab and Rope Salad Server Set
Item #: VH-O19C
A beautiful and unique accent piece for any nautically themed occasion, the Crab and Rope Salad Server Set will surely generate interesting conversation helping to start your party off on the right foot.
Price: $99.00
Crab Claw Appetizer Fork
Item #: VH-O27C-1
The perfect complement to any oceanic themed event, the Crab Claw Appetizer Fork ensures your party theme is carried through every detail. Using this utensil will surely spark conversation as your party begins.
Price: $17.00
Crab Claw Serving Set
Item #: VH-O33C
Perfect for salad service at a table or buffet, the Crab Claw Serving Set is the perfect accompaniment for any elegant oceanic themed party or event, thanks to their intricate king crab claw handles which gleam like polished silver.
Price: $99.00
Crab Claw Spoon
Item #: VH-O7B-1
An elegant way to complete your aquatic themed gathering, the Crab Claw Spoon is a perfect little touch to add to any of your guests place settings. Unlike its namesake, this claw tipped spoon will not pinch any fingers.
Price: $17.00
Octopus Salad Server Set
Item #: VH-O19O
Unlike octopuses, your guests only have two hands, which is why they need the Octopus Salad Servers to help them reach your delicious salad. This set features a pair of octopuses tightly gripping the handles of these utensils.
Price: $209.00
Seahorse Salad Server Set
Item #: VH-O19H
Seahorses look as distinctive out of the water as they do in the water, which makes the Seahorse Salad Server Set a unique addition to your table that will have your guests talking well into the dinner service.
Price: $105.00
Seashell Oyster Spoon
Item #: VH-O17
An extraordinary accent to complete your oceanic themed gathering, the Seashell Oyster Spoon harness natures natural spoon for you to use at your dinner table. This pewter and bronze crafted spoon captures the wonder of the ocean.
Price: $79.00
Seashell Serving Spoon
Item #: VH-O19S
Blending elegance and functionality, the Seashell Serving Spoon is an amazing help in achieving the under the sea vibe you desire. To that end it is a great addition to your kitchen collection, to use whenever you need it.
Price: $79.00
Shell and Coral Appetizer Fork
Item #: VH-O26S-1
An exquisite utensil to match the elegance of your ocean themed party, the Shell and Coral Appetizer Fork is crafted to replicate the beauty found in nature. This is the perfect way to serve finger foods and properly begin your event.
Price: $13.00