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Angelfish Charm
Item #: PS-TC053
Marine angelfish inhabit tropical reefs in several oceans, standing out due to their bright colors and showy patterns. The Angelfish Charm shows off several cutout stripes and long pointed fins on its body.
Price: $8.00
Celtic Sea Horse Clip Charm
Item #: PS-TWC013
Celebrate sea horses with the sophisticated and playful Celtic Sea Horse Clip Charm. The perfect accessory to attach to your keys or cellphone, all who see this little guy with you will know that you are a true lover of the ocean.
Price: $19.00
Conch Shell Charm
Item #: PS-TC973
One of the most distinctive seashells you might ever find, conch shells possess a high spire and come to a point at both of its ends. The Conch Shell Charm displays these features along with a number of ridges.
Price: $19.00
Crab Charm
Item #: PS-TC131
The term for walking crabwise originated from the curious sideways walk of crabs along the beach. The Crab Charm depicts one of these creatures with detailed multiple legs and pincers from which it hangs.
Price: $13.00
Dive Mask Charm
Item #: PS-TC606
Open your eyes and take a deep breath with the playful Dive Mask Charm. This brilliant little charm is a great way to highlight your love of aquatics, so do not pass up the opportunity to add a little fun to your wardrobe.
Price: $15.00
Diving Tank Scuba Charm
Item #: PS-TC600
Divers will instantly recognize the gear represented on this charm and how it complements your outfit. An essential piece of diving equipment, this Diving Tank Scuba Charm is a piece you should not leave at home.
Price: $14.00
Double Paua Shell Dolphin Charm
Item #: PS-TCM069
If you are looking for a touch of color and fashion to complete your outfit the Double Paua Shell Dolphin Charm may be your solution. This lovely charm features two dolphins swimming together that are adorned with two Paua shells.
Price: $20.00
Footprints in the Sand Charm
Item #: PS-WZTC554
Strolling along the pure white sand at the edge of the waves is one of the favorite activities of many beach goers. The Footprints in the Sand Charm depicts the picturesque trail left behind by each footstep along the shore.
Price: $13.00
Inlaid Turtle Charm
Item #: PS-TC578
Many sea turtle species protect themselves from predators with their hard shells, which can withstand even a bite from a shark! The Inlaid Turtle Charm features an inlay that decorates the shell on its back.
Price: $10.00
Manta Ray Charm
Item #: PS-TC599
Manta rays can grow to incredible sizes, gliding through the ocean with pectoral fins that move with the grace of wings. The Manta Ray Charm features one of these exotic animals, showing off spread fins and a curled tail.
Price: $10.00
Paua Shell Seahorse Charm
Item #: PS-TC1068
Seahorses stand out from the other curious ocean creatures with their horse-like heads and prehensile tails. The Paua Shell Seahorse Charm depicts a stylized seahorse on the oval charm, inlaid in bright blue Paua shell.
Price: $13.00
Ray Charm
Item #: PS-TC972
A number of species of rays glide through the oceans of the world, showing off their flattened, disc-like bodies. The Ray Charm features a ray shaped like a kite with spots over its body and a distinct curled tail.
Price: $13.00
Scuba Diving Charm
Item #: PS-TC607
The Scuba Diving Charm may be the playful and action packed accessory you have been waiting for. This diver is reaching down to collect something on the ocean floor and will remind you of your last successful expedition.
Price: $20.00
Sea Turtle Charm
Item #: PS-TC906
The oceans of the world contain a variety of exotic creatures, including sea turtles. The Sea Turtle Charm lets you decorate your jewelry or possessions with one of these curious animals that can live for 80 or more years.
Price: $10.00
Shark Tooth Charm
Item #: PS-TC491
Beach combers find all sorts of treasures along the sand, but shark teeth remain one of the most popular discoveries. The Shark Tooth Charm displays the realistic form of a shark tooth with a slight curve.
Price: $7.00
Silver Angel Fish Charm
Item #: PS-TC495
If you love the sea or fish then this Silver Angel Fish Charm is sure to be a great catch. This charm features engravings to show off every scale of our underwater friend and is an accessory you do not want to pass up.
Price: $8.00
Silver Crab Charm
Item #: PS-TC387
Be careful not to put your fingers too close to the wicked pincers of this crab! Often seen crawling across hot beach sand, crabs like the one in the Silver Crab Charm have many legs along with their front claws.
Price: $12.00
Silver Dolphin and Stone Charm
Item #: PS-TC356
Dolphins draw attention at zoos and aquariums for their performances that show their acrobatic ability. The Silver Dolphin and Stone Charm features a dolphin curled around an iridescent circular stone that provides a pop of color.
Price: $25.00
Silver Dolphin Charm
Item #: PS-TC126
Dolphins possess streamlined forms that allow them to speed through the ocean waters with relative ease. The Silver Dolphin Charm features a single dolphin suspended from a ring that can connect it to any number of items.
Price: $15.00
Silver Dolphin Clip Charm
Item #: PS-TWC008
The streamlined form of a dolphin allows it to slip through the water with ease as it leaps and dives. The Silver Dolphin Clip Charm depicts one of these creatures with realism as it curves its body to descend back under the waves.
Price: $20.00