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Brass Nautilus Necklace and Earrings Set
Item #: AJ-0434
One of the most iconic seashells, the nautilus features a lovely spiral shape with etched markings along the design for detail. The Brass Nautilus Necklace and Earrings Set displays this shell with artisan skill.
Price: $33.00
Brass Octopus Jewelry Set
Item #: AJ-0258
With inspirations like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea the Octopus has become an unofficial mascot of steampunk culture. Get yourself some tentacled talismans with the Brass Octopus Jewelry Set.
Price: $33.00
Brass Seahorse Necklace and Earrings Set
Item #: AJ-0461
One of the most curious creatures of the ocean, the seahorse shows off a unique form with a prehensile tail, bony plates, and a horse-like head. The Brass Seahorse Necklace and Earrings Set celebrates this striking fish.
Price: $33.00
Breaching Dolphin Pendant
Item #: 090-ESPA4
Dolphins appeared as a hopeful sign of good luck to sailors, who took them as an indication that land was near. The Breaching Dolphin Pendant features a circular pendant with a dolphin that leaps above the choppy waves.
Price: $12.00
Cape Lookout Lighthouse Pendant
Item #: PS-TP3168
The Cape Lookout Lighthouse Pendant can be a playful and fashionable addition to any wardrobe. Modeled after the lighthouse located in North Carolina which has a signature paint job, this pendant accurately captures this image.
Price: $25.00
Cape May Lighthouse Pendant
Item #: PS-TP3164
The Cape May Lighthouse Silver Pendant is a symbol for reliance and safety that dates back to 1859. The Cape May lighthouse continues to serve New Jersey even to this day, and with this pendant you can capture its spirit.
Price: $24.00
Cave Diving Helmet Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD599
Cave diving requires excellent training and equipment to be safe. Reminiscent of the diving helmets used when sea exploration was in its infancy, the Cave Diving Helmet Pendant celebrates the history of cave diving.
Price: $40.00
Cave Diving Lantern Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD695
Dive into the mysterious depths of the ocean with the Cave Diving Lantern Pendant. This exquisite piece of jewelry is a wonderful way to remember a successful diving trip. Light up the darkness of the sea with this dazzling pendant.
Price: $38.00
Cave Diving Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD697
An incredibly challenging and dangerous form of diving, cave diving requires excellent skills and equipment. The Cave Diving Pendant features a spool of distance line used to mark the return route to the surface.
Price: $33.00
Celtic Dolphin Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD084
Dolphins are playful animals that captivate the hearts of many people. You can celebrate the beauty of the dolphin with the Celtic Dolphin Pendant, which features a series of Celtic knots along its profile.
Price: $85.00
Celtic Knot Silver Sea Horse Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD055
Own your very own water horse with the Celtic Knot Silver Sea Horse Pendant. This adorable sea creature is now available for you to wear and also features a unique array of Celtic knot work for you to pair up with any outfit you have.
Price: $30.00
Celtic Knotted Whale Tail Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD071
The Celtic Knotted Whale Tail Pendant is sure to catch the eyes of those who appreciate true beauty found in nature. This charming piece balances the power of a whale with inspiration from artwork that is centuries old.
Price: $30.00
Celtic Manta Ray Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD072
Manta rays glide gracefully through temperate to tropical oceans with fins that can span over 20 feet across. The Celtic Manta Ray Pendant features Celtic knotwork across both of the fins and a round gemstone on its head.
Price: $60.00
Celtic Shark Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD066
With their distinctive dorsal fins and sharp rows of teeth, sharks make up some of the most notorious and recognizable ocean creatures. The Celtic Shark Pendant displays this animal with Celtic knots.
Price: $24.00
Celtic Whale Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD054
As humpback whales breach the ocean surface to dive back down with a splash, they present one of the most incredible sights of nature. The Celtic Whale Pendant shows a swimming whale with Celtic knotwork along its body.
Price: $43.00
Circling Hammerheads Shark Necklace
Item #: PS-TNC296
Have no fear, for the Circling Hammerheads Shark Necklace is here to accent your outfit, not nip at your ankles. This necklace is a great way to safely appreciate these creatures without setting foot in a shark cage.
Price: $143.00
Circular Dolphin Pendant
Item #: PS-TP1018
Leaping and diving from the waves, dolphins make quite a spectacle with their acrobatic prowess. The Circular Dolphin Pendant features a pair of dolphins leaping from the water within a circle that frames the piece.
Price: $48.00
Circular Wave Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD076
The ocean can shift from soft rolls of water to mile high waves in a relatively short period of time. The Circular Wave Pendant depicts this movement of water across its front with the image of a stylized blue ocean wave as it curls.
Price: $45.00
Classic Lighthouse Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD605
A symbol of duty and safe travels, the Classic Lighthouse Pendant can be the conversation piece that your wardrobe is missing. This beautiful charm showcases a well known image that is still used from coast to coast today.
Price: $15.00
Clownfish Pewter Pendant
Item #: WR-OLCFP
While this saltwater fish is sensitive to toxins and pollution, it possesses a protective coating that allows it to live harmoniously with the sea anemone. Show some love for this fascinating creature with the Clownfish Pewter Pendant.
Price: $6.50
Cobbled Silver Lighthouse Pendant
Item #: PS-TP3163
The Cobbled Silver Lighthouse Pendant can be your way to memorialize this symbol of safety and guidance. Along the coast these lighthouses have been guiding ships back to home safely and now you can wear this ideal with any outfit.
Price: $25.00