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3D Conch Shell Pendant
Item #: CE-834-311
Bring home the beach with the elegant 3D Conch Shell. Leave the sand at the beach and enjoy a piece of art inspired by ocean shells with this dazzling accessory piece. Grab one today and impress your friends and fellow beach goers.
Price: $11.00
3D Dolphin Necklace
Item #: JB-222
The lithe, streamlined body of a dolphin allows it to swim rapidly through the ocean, leaping and jumping among the waves. The 3D Dolphin Necklace features a realistic dolphin pendant in gleaming sterling silver.
Price: $33.00
3D Lions Paw Shell Pendant
Item #: CE-834-327
The 3D Lion Paws Shell Pendant is a great way to commemorate a successful ocean adventure. This elegant and detailed item can easily accent any outfit, and will make you the talk of the beach when you proudly wear it in public.
Price: $9.00
3D Seahorse Pendant
Item #: CE-834-325
The 3D Seahorse Pendant is a stunning representation of a magnificent sea animal. Allow this creature of the deep to accent your outfit and make you the topic of conversation while attending your next social event.
Price: $15.00
3D Single Dolphin Pendant
Item #: CE-802-876
Take a member of the ocean home with you today, with the elegant 3D Single Dolphin Pendant. Designed to capture the essence of this playful creature, you can now accent your wardrobe with a recognizable underwater symbol.
Price: $10.00
3D Whale Tail Pendant
Item #: CE-802-783
Capture the spirit of the ocean with the dazzling, 3D Whale Tail Pendant. This item can inspire you to seek ocean adventure of your own. So grab an elegant whale tail while you can and prepare for the excitement of the seven seas.
Price: $13.00
Aboriginal Dolphin Pendant
Item #: PS-TP1374
Designed with aboriginal inspiration, the Aboriginal Dolphin Pendant is a unique way to show your love for dolphins. This dolphin, shown in profile, includes a series of intricate designs over the shape of its body.
Price: $30.00
Aboriginal Manta Ray Pendant
Item #: PS-TP2328
Designed with an aboriginal twist, this manta ray pendant displays a ray with wide-spanning pectoral fins and a curling tail. The Aboriginal Manta Ray Pendant features intricate tribal designs across its form.
Price: $14.00
Aboriginal Shark Pendant
Item #: PS-TP2329
Inspired with an aboriginal twist, this shark pendant is a unique interpretation of a one of these notorious ocean creatures. The Aboriginal Shark Pendant shows a shark in profile with tribal designs along its form.
Price: $33.00
Aboriginal Turtle Pendant
Item #: PS-TP2326
Sea turtles can live long lives, sometimes as long as or even longer than humans. The Aboriginal Turtle Pendant features one of these fascinating creatures with intricate patterns all over its body.
Price: $22.00
Aboriginal Whale Tail Pendant
Item #: PS-TP2327
This Aboriginal Whale Tail Pendant is an eloquent way to showcase the power and sheer beauty of a gentle giant. This stunning piece is perfect for any ocean and wildlife enthusiasts who want to show their appreciation of nature.
Price: $17.00
Adorable Octopus Pendant
Item #: SC2844
Octopuses might just be one of the most intriguing animals under the sea. Fine crystal accents add appeal to this piece, while its cute look makes the Adorable Octopus Pendant a great way to infuse something charming into your style.
Price: $18.00
Amethyst Studded Dive Flag Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD057
Add some flash and color to your dive flag with the Amethyst Studded Dive Flag Pendant. This pendant combines a sense of modern fashion and style with the image of an honored symbol know by divers worldwide.
Price: $55.00
Anchor and Rope Pendant
Item #: PS-MG635
The Anchor and Rope Pendant is sure to be the perfect gift for the sailor who just left port or the loved one waiting at home. The stunning anchor design is a symbol that all travelers and sailors will recognize and admire.
Price: $22.00
Angelfish Pendant with Inlay
Item #: PS-TP963
Angelfish live in the warm waters of several oceans around the world, showing off their bright colors and striking patterns. The Angelfish Pendant with Inlay displays one of these fish with a long dorsal fin and detailed face.
Price: $25.00
Antique Pewter Turtle Necklace
Item #: AJ-0693
The beauty of ocean life meets unique, artisan craftsmanship in the Antique Pewter Turtle Necklace. Shaped like a sea turtle, the pewter pendant of this ocean themed accessory is plated with both antique copper and silver.
Price: $21.00
Antique Pewter Whale Necklace
Item #: AJ-0695
Whales are some of the largest creatures to call the ocean home, but this whale is just the right size to add style to your everyday wardrobe. The Antique Pewter Whale Necklace displays an artistic whale upon an oval pendant base.
Price: $21.00
Antique Pewter Whale Tail Necklace
Item #: AJ-0697
Hold a token of the ocean close to your heart when you wear the Antique Whale Tale Pewter Necklace. The round pendant of this handcrafted necklace features a 3D whale tail waving above swirling ocean waves, plated in antique silver.
Price: $21.00
Ariel Mermaid Pendant
Item #: SC2729
Inspired by the tales of a certain mermaid out of classic fairytale, this Ariel Mermaid Pendant offers a stellar accessory that allows anyone to add a touch of undersea style to their look and a unique pendant to their collection.
Price: $12.00
Ascending Diver with Camera Pendant
Item #: PS-TP2721
Rising from the depths this diver is ready to capture the memory with the Ascending Diver with Camera Pendant. This pendant is a playful and subtle accent piece that is sure to impress divers or fans of aquatic hobbies.
Price: $82.00