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Beach Anklets, Sea Life Anklets, Dive Anklets and Surf Anklets
Anklets, also called ankle chains or ankle bracelets, are chains or other ornaments that are worn around the ankle. Great for almost any occasion, Chic Beach Boutiques offers a selection of anklets in a variety of styles that range from ornate to conventional. Anklets come in either a flexible or rigid design, and feature a wide variety of designs and accents.
Aquatic Bracelets, Beach Charm Bracelets, Sea Life Chain Bracelets and Ocean Cufflinks
Bracelets are great for drawing attention to the graceful movements of your arms. Chic Beach Boutiques is pleased to offer a selection of bracelets that combine the beauty of the surf and sand with fine artisan craftsmanship. Sea glass, pearl, abalone, nautical charms, sea creature accents, and more decorate these elegant pieces.
Beach Themed Earrings, Dive Earrings and Sea Life Earrings
The variety of ear piercings inspires many different kinds of earrings that can be worn. Chic Beach Boutique is proud to offer some of the highest quality earrings available. Designed with the beauty of the shore and waves in mind, this jewelry adds the perfect touch to any outfit, whether you wear it with beach attire or casual ensembles.
Beach Charms, Sea Creature Charms, Lighthouse Charms and Diving Charms
Some of the most fun you can have with jewelry is making your own. at Chic Beach Boutique, we not only offer a huge selection of great ocean, sea creature, and beach themed jewelry, but we also offer a great selection of lovely little charms, which are perfect for enhancing your own look, as well as for building and enhancing your own accents and accessories.
Ocean Necklaces, Sea Life Pendants, Shell Necklaces, Dive Flag Pendants, Surfboard Pendants and Beach Themed Pendants
Chic Beach Boutique has the perfect necklace or pendant to accent any outfit. Inspired by the natural beauty of the ocean and beach, our pieces come in a variety of styles, including choker, chain, princess, rope, and matinee necklaces. In addition, we offer a number of attractive pendants that can be strung on just about any size chain or cord to create your own ocean themed necklace.
Diving Pins, Scuba Brooches, Sea Life Brooches and Accent Pins
A great way to remind yourself of the beauty of the beach and the appeal of the ocean is to adorn yourself with an accent inspired by those themes. Chic Beach Boutiques selection of pins and brooches offers an array of little accents that you can pin to your vest, shirt, lapel, scarf, tie, or purse to add an elegant touch of aquatic appeal to almost any look you may wear.
Ocean Rings, Sea Life Rings, Beach Themed Bands, Surfer Rings and Dive Rings
Both men and women can appreciate the wide selection of fashion jewelry offered by Chic Beach Boutiques. Our inventory of high quality rings includes a number of different materials and styles that can suit any occasion or taste. Our beach and ocean themed bands make the perfect addition to vacation ensembles and casual looks that need a touch of aquatic appeal.
Beach Toe Rings, Ocean Toe Rings, Dive Toe Rings, Surf Toe Rings and Sea Life Toe Rings
Toe rings add a playful touch to the feet of anyone who wears them! Chic Beach Boutiques is pleased to offer a wide selection of toe rings that provide the desired flair to any foot. Crafted from quality materials in a variety of designs, these toe rings sport a delightful beach and ocean inspired aesthetic that is perfect for any enthusiast.