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Adult Sea Lion Figurine
Item #: S-274229
Sea lions are popular performers in zoos and aquariums due to their readily trainable natures. The Adult Sea Lion Figurine depicts one of these creatures with a sweet face and a dark brown body and flippers.
Price: $5.50
Alligator Snapping Turtle Figurine
Item #: S-268029
This Alligator Snapping Turtle Figurine looks as fierce as its name sounds. The replica depicts one of the largest freshwater turtles in the world with its large head and thick shell showing several sharp ridges on its back.
Price: $10.50
Baby Hammerhead Shark Figurine
Item #: S-267929
Young hammerhead sharks huddle in groups to seek out warmer waters until they are older and bigger. Our Baby Hammerhead Shark Figurine features the skin texture and distinctive facial shape of this recognizable species.
Price: $8.00
Baby Sea Life Bulk Bag
Item #: S-760704
They may look cuddly, but it is hard catching up with the speedy newborns in the Baby Sea Life Bulk Bag. Enjoy the many figures in this bulk bag if you cannot get enough of the Baby Sea Life Toob replicas (Item S-680704).
Price: $34.00
Baby Sea Life Toob
Item #: S-680704
They may look cuddly, but it is hard to catch up to these speedy newborns in our Baby Sea Life Toob! These hand-painted, high-quality miniatures feature bright colors, professional sculpting, and accurate detail.
Price: $11.50
Baby Sea Turtle Figurine
Item #: S-268129
Relive one of the greatest dramas in nature, the incredible dash from shell to shore, with our Sea Turtle Baby Figurine. This replica shows off the gray-green color and large black eyes of a young sea turtle.
Price: $9.00
Basking Shark Figurine
Item #: S-223429
The Basking Shark, the second biggest fish in the world, really does swim around with its mouth open. This allows it to filter its tiny food from the water. The Basking Shark Figurine shows a brown shark with wide open mouth.
Price: $7.00
Beluga Whale Figurine
Item #: S-221329
For obvious reasons, the Beluga Whale is also called a White Whale. It spends most of its time swimming the Arctic Ocean. The Beluga Whale Figurine lacks a dorsal fin and has the distinctive head protuberance called a melon.
Price: $5.00
Black and White Manta Ray Figurine
Item #: S-277729
Glide through warm ocean waters with this graceful Manta Ray, also known as a devilfish. The Black and White Manta Ray Figurine depicts a large ocean swimmer with its horn-like cephalic fins and triangular pectoral fins.
Price: $4.00
Blacktip Reef Shark Figurine
Item #: S-200029
Searching the coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, this Blacktip Reef Shark blends in with the sandy sea bottom of its home. The Blacktip Reef Shark Figurine shows bold black tips on its fins and a streamlined form.
Price: $7.00
Blue Crab Figurine
Item #: S-269729
The Blue Crab is named for the sapphire-tinted undersides of its claws. Our Blue Crab Figurine captures this and every other detail of this crustacean with its green and blue colors and textured carapace.
Price: $10.00
Blue Green Octopus Figure
Item #: S-200929
One of the cleverest invertebrates, the octopus fends off attackers in many ways, including hiding in plain sight by changing to match their surroundings. The Blue Green Octopus Figure offers a lifelike depiction of this creature.
Price: $6.00
Blue Shark Figurine
Item #: HH-14701
Blue sharks mostly appear in packs, live in almost every ocean, and eat everything they are able to hunt down. The Blue Shark Figurine depicts one of these creatures with a blue back and pale underbelly and multiple fins.
Price: $5.10
Blue Spotted Ray Figurine
Item #: S-267329
Add this colorful coral reef dweller to your ocean creatures collection, and show off its bright blue spots and stripe. Our Blue Spotted Ray Figurine features a flexible tail, its stinging barb not included.
Price: $6.00
Blue Whale Figurine
Item #: HH-14696
With a length of over 100 feet and weighing 200 tons, blue whales are probably the largest animals that have ever lived on Earth. The Blue Whale Figurine depicts one of these creatures with a speckled back and long body.
Price: $8.60
Bonnethead Shark Figure
Item #: S-200329
Do not be deceived! This eye-catching shark is not a hammerhead but a cousin, the bonnethead or shovelhead shark. Our Bonnethead Shark Figure shows off the spade-shaped head of this smaller member of the hammerhead family.
Price: $6.00
Bowhead Whale Figurine
Item #: S-205529
Break the Arctic ice and get to know the strong and powerful Bowhead Whale! Our Bowhead Whale Figurine shows the black and white body of this powerful baleen whale, also known as an artic whale due to its preferred locale.
Price: $12.00
Bull Shark Figurine
Item #: S-422429
Although not as big as the more famous Great White Shark, Bull Sharks are every bit as adept at hunting the shallow coastal waters they call home. The Bull Shark Figurine shows off its gray back and second, smaller dorsal fin.
Price: $6.00
California Sea Lion Figurine
Item #: S-225029
As its name suggests, this Sea Lion makes its home on the coast of California, as well as the rest of the Pacific coast of the United States. The California Sea Lion Figurine depicts a brown diving seal lion.
Price: $5.00
Clown Anemonefish Figurine
Item #: S-261829
The clown anemonefish, also known as just a clownfish or anemonefish, enjoys a symbiotic relationship with the sea anemones who host it. Our Clown Anemonefish Figurine shows the orange and white pattern of this distinctive fish.
Price: $5.00