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A Frenzy of Sharks Woven Throw
Item #: ZB-2087
Demonstrate your love for sharks with A Frenzy of Sharks Woven Throw, which depicts a highly detailed scene of three prowling sharks swimming through crystal clear water in search of prey to fill their hungry stomachs.
Price: $52.00
Aboriginal Shark Pendant
Item #: PS-TP2329
Inspired with an aboriginal twist, this shark pendant is a unique interpretation of a one of these notorious ocean creatures. The Aboriginal Shark Pendant shows a shark in profile with tribal designs along its form.
Price: $33.00
Baby Hammerhead Shark Figurine
Item #: S-267929
Young hammerhead sharks huddle in groups to seek out warmer waters until they are older and bigger. Our Baby Hammerhead Shark Figurine features the skin texture and distinctive facial shape of this recognizable species.
Price: $8.00
Baby Sea Life Bulk Bag
Item #: S-760704
They may look cuddly, but it is hard catching up with the speedy newborns in the Baby Sea Life Bulk Bag. Enjoy the many figures in this bulk bag if you cannot get enough of the Baby Sea Life Toob replicas (Item S-680704).
Price: $34.00
Baby Sea Life Toob
Item #: S-680704
They may look cuddly, but it is hard to catch up to these speedy newborns in our Baby Sea Life Toob! These hand-painted, high-quality miniatures feature bright colors, professional sculpting, and accurate detail.
Price: $11.50
Basking Shark Figurine
Item #: S-223429
The Basking Shark, the second biggest fish in the world, really does swim around with its mouth open. This allows it to filter its tiny food from the water. The Basking Shark Figurine shows a brown shark with wide open mouth.
Price: $7.00
Blacktip Reef Shark Figurine
Item #: S-200029
Searching the coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, this Blacktip Reef Shark blends in with the sandy sea bottom of its home. The Blacktip Reef Shark Figurine shows bold black tips on its fins and a streamlined form.
Price: $7.00
Blue Shark Figurine
Item #: HH-14701
Blue sharks mostly appear in packs, live in almost every ocean, and eat everything they are able to hunt down. The Blue Shark Figurine depicts one of these creatures with a blue back and pale underbelly and multiple fins.
Price: $5.10
Bonnethead Shark Figure
Item #: S-200329
Do not be deceived! This eye-catching shark is not a hammerhead but a cousin, the bonnethead or shovelhead shark. Our Bonnethead Shark Figure shows off the spade-shaped head of this smaller member of the hammerhead family.
Price: $6.00
Bull Shark Figurine
Item #: S-422429
Although not as big as the more famous Great White Shark, Bull Sharks are every bit as adept at hunting the shallow coastal waters they call home. The Bull Shark Figurine shows off its gray back and second, smaller dorsal fin.
Price: $6.00
Celtic Shark Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD066
With their distinctive dorsal fins and sharp rows of teeth, sharks make up some of the most notorious and recognizable ocean creatures. The Celtic Shark Pendant displays this animal with Celtic knots.
Price: $24.00
Circling Hammerheads Shark Necklace
Item #: PS-TNC296
Have no fear, for the Circling Hammerheads Shark Necklace is here to accent your outfit, not nip at your ankles. This necklace is a great way to safely appreciate these creatures without setting foot in a shark cage.
Price: $143.00
Deep-Sea Great White Shark Figurine
Item #: HH-14700
Great white sharks are the largest predatory sharks in the world. They attack their prey from deep down below. The Deep-Sea Great White Shark Figurine depicts this fish with a gray back and speckled white belly.
Price: $6.60
Engraved Shark Band
Item #: PS-TR3693
The Engraved Shark Band may be the best way for you to add some elegance and peril into your life. This subtle ring safely combines a wonderful piece of jewelry with a breathtaking sea creature that always captures our attention.
Price: $33.00
Frenzy Wrap-Around Kids Shark T-Shirt
Item #: ZB-2086
Let your child embrace their love of sharks with the Frenzy Wrap-Around Kids Shark T-Shirt. This shirt uses every inch of fabric to display three prowling sharks, scouring the ocean floor to find their next meal.
Price: $28.80
Frenzy Wrap-Around Shark T-Shirt
Item #: ZB-2084
Featuring the ultimate ocean predator, the Frenzy Wrap-Around Shark T-Shirt is perfect for those who enjoy the strength and power of sharks. This shirt uses every inch to display a trio of prowling sharks searching for a meal.
Price: $32.40
Frenzy Wrap-Around Womens Shark T-Shirt
Item #: ZB-2085
For women looking to accentuate their own power and strength, the Frenzy Wrap-Around Womens Shark T-Shirt is the perfect fit. Using every bit of fabric, this shirt displays three hungry sharks searching for their next meal.
Price: $34.20
Gift of the Ocean Shark Sculpture
Item #: SI-80263
The sight of a shark prowling through the ocean waters quickly reminds the other animals and fish of its apex predator status. The Gift of the Ocean Shark Sculpture lets you bring this awe-inspiring creature to your home.
Price: $78.00
On Sale For: $58.50
Glow-in-the-Dark Small Shark Art Glass
Item #: SI-76081
Far more cute than ferocious, this glass shark ornament makes a striking aquatic desk accent or marine life home decoration. The Glow-in-the-Dark Small Shark Art Glass features brilliant colors within the body of the shark.
Price: $25.00
Gold Plated Shark Pendant
Item #: WR-SLSPG
Express your interest in sharks by wearing the Gold Plated Shark Pendant, which depicts the unique form of one of the oceans most feared creatures. This pendant is crafted from pewter and gold plated for an eye catching finish.
Price: $6.00