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Beach Theme Statues, Coconut Figurines, and Beach Life Statues
If you dream of the sun, surf, and sand, why not bring a bit of that coastal beauty into your beach house decor? Our beach theme statues at Chic Beach Boutique will allow you to celebrate the unique aesthetic of the sea by displaying fantastic nautical figurines that feature coconuts, pelicans, palm trees, lighthouses, sailboats, and other popular designs. Our beach statues show off brilliant detail and bright colors, making each one a true treasure.
Dolphin Statues, Playful Dolphin Sculptures, Diving Dolphin Figurines, Swimming Dolphin Sculptures and Dolphin Pod Statues
Do you like dolphins? Then you have come to the right place! This section of Chic Beach Boutiques is dedicated entirely to all of our dolphin statues, giving you easy access to what might be your favorite underwater mammal! These statues are all impressively done in quality materials, offering a selection of playful statues both big and small that are sure to brighten up your decor.
Jellyfish Statues, Jellyfish Sculptures, and Sea Jelly Statues
Some of the most unique creatures of the sea, jellyfish glide through ocean currents while showing off their umbrella-shaped bells and trailing tentacles. At Chic Beach Boutique, you will find many stunning jellyfish statues to decorate your home. These sea jelly statues are crafted from high grade materials to ensure they will make stunning beach house decor or excellent gifts for marine life enthusiasts.
Mermaid Statues, Mermaid Shelf Sitters, Sea Siren Sculptures and Mermaid with Sea Life Figurines
Mermaids have long been a tale told on the high seas, as well as a symbol of fantasy that resonates strongly with the ocean and the beach. Their existence, though, has always been circumspect at best. Now you can capture one and make it a part of your decor by grabbing one of the many great mermaid statues, sculptures, and figurines, all found right here at Chic Beach Boutique.
Marlin Statues, Sailfish Sculptures, Swordfish Figurines and Oceanic Fish Statues
Ocean mammals are not the only majestic sights to be witnessed amid the waves. Ocean fish of all shapes and sizes are stunning sights as well, and Chic Beach Boutiques offers a selection of statues, sculptures, and figurines that capture the essence of this captivating creatures, allowing you to easily add one to your home without having to go out on a deep sea fishing trip.
Otter Statues, Manatee Statues, Sea Lion Statues and Walrus Statues
None can deny the adorable nature of the marine mammal, and for that reason Chic Beach Boutiques is not short of fine ocean mammal statues and sculptures. Depicting a variety of animals, from otters and seals to sea lions and manatees, we carry a selection of great statues, big and small, so that you can bring these cute creatures into your home.
Octopus Statues, Glass Octopus Sculptures and Brass Octopus Figurines
While it may not be the kraken of myth, the octopus is still an impressive creature in its own right. Intelligent, cunning, and adaptable, the octopus is a strange creature of the deep, and thanks to the collection of great statues and figurines at Chic Beach Boutique, you can bring one into your own home, minus the sticky suckers, of course.
Sea Horse Statues, Hippocampus Figurines and Double Sea Horse Sculptures
Few fish in the sea can boast as distinct a look as the sea horse. More than just a unique appearance though, the sea horse is also a sea creature with a few twists to its nature, one of which is not found anywhere else on the planet! Easy to like and iconic of the ocean, our selection of sea horse statues and figurines are all perfect for bringing a touch of the aquatic to your everyday decor.
Shark Statues, Great White Sculptures, Hammerhead Shark Figurines and Swimming Shark Statues
Nothing inspires terror quite like a fin slicing cleanly through the waves. Sharks are apex predators, and the world at large knows it. Their status as the great hunters of the ocean gives them a prestige that most people respect and fear. Here at Chic Beach Boutique, we have captured the shark and its appeal, and transformed it into a number statues that are perfect for bringing something sleek and predatory into your home.
Crab Statues, Hermit Crab Figurines, Crustacean Sculptures and Shellfish Figurines
When it comes to shellfish, two of the most well-known are crabs and lobsters. Many different species of shellfish call the ocean home, and the same is true of Chic Beach Boutiques. Here, we have collected an array of shellfish sculptures, from crab statues to lobster figurines and more, so that you can add some marine life and style to your home, all while avoiding the unpleasant pinch of their claws.
Ray Statues, Manta Ray Sculptures, Stingray Figurines and Eagle Ray Statues
The somewhat surreal appearance of the ray family is part of what makes them so appealing. The great wings, flat shape, and long tail give the manta ray, the stingray, the eagle ray, and more a unique look that makes them quite popular. Now, you can embrace the inner ocean fan and bring one of these intriguing sea creatures into your home with one of Chic Beach Boutiques many ray statues and figurines.
Tropical Fish Statues, Clownfish Figurines, Angelfish Sculptures Coral Reef Fish Figurines
With all the fish that swim the sea, it should come as no surprise that ocean life can be immensely varied. Living in tropic waters and in coral reefs are some of the oceans most visually appealing fish. You do not have to leave your chair and ship out to the ocean to see these stunning creatures, though. Instead, you can just browse the tropical fish statues and sculptures here at Chic Beach Boutique.
Turtle Statues, Sea Turtle Figurines, Swimming Sea Turtle Sculptures and Brass Sea Turtle Sculptures
Sea turtles can be quite amazing. Not only do they live long lives upwards of 80 or more years, but some also migrate many miles just to find suitable grounds for mating and laying eggs! Here at Chic Beach Boutique, we offer an array of great sea turtle statues, all of which capture the different facets of this creature, allowing you to appreciate its color and natural appeal in your home.
Whale Statues, Swimming Whale Statues, Breaching Whale Figurines, Blue Whale Sculptures and Orca Whale Statues
Whales may just be one of the most majestic creatures in the ocean. Few can forget the sight of a whale tail above the surface or the exciting view of a whale breaching the surface for air. at Chic Beach Boutique, you can capture either of those moments, and so many more, just by picking up any one of our many different whale statues and sculptures.