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Aloha Waves Surfboard Metal Sign
Item #: PT-SB001
The perfect way to say hello and goodbye to your guests, the Aloha Waves Surfboard Metal Sign wonderfully depicts a soothing beach surrounding with flowers and is shaped like a surfboard to provide a relaxed look.
Price: $22.00
Beach Arrow Metal Sign
Item #: PT-RCB106
Bring the delightful appeal of the beach to your decor with the Beach Arrow Metal Sign, which displays a large arrow with the word BEACH elegantly written above it on a piece of rustic metal which is attached to wood.
Price: $40.00
Beach Arrow Surfboard Metal Sign
Item #: PT-SB003
A beautiful accent for your decor, the Beach Arrow Surfboard Metal Sign displays a scenic sandy beach that stretches across the board. Displayed on this graphic are the words, FOLLOW ME TO THE BEACH, with an arrow to give direction.
Price: $22.00
Beach Charm Bracelet
Item #: PS-TBG450
Bring the beach home with the playful Beach Charm Bracelet. Every charm on this fashionable and dazzling bracelet will inspire thoughts of the fun summer moments the beach can bring. Grab one for your jewelry collection today.
Price: $98.00
Beach Direction Metal Sign
Item #: PT-V095
Perfect for directing your guests to your own private beach or simply bringing a relaxing beach vibe to your home, the Beach Direction Metal Sign features a picturesque design of a beach at sunset with a thin red arrow pointing right.
Price: $16.00
Beach House Metal Sign
Item #: PT-V112
A marvelous way to greet your guests as they enter your beach house, the Beach House Metal Sign features a delightful vintage look with oceanic accents. This sign is crafted from steel with predrilled holes for easy and even hanging.
Price: $16.00
Beach Overwater Bungalow Triptych
Item #: PT-PTBS033
Transport yourself to the relaxation and peace of the tropics every day when you gaze into the clear azure waters of the Beach Overwater Bungalow Triptych. This paneled beach picture offers a fantastic ocean graphic.
Price: $210.00
Beach Scene Surfboard Pendant
Item #: PS-TP2940
The sun, sand, and surf are always more fun when you have the Beach Scene Surfboard Pendant. For surfers the beach is a way of life and with this pendant you can capture this spirit and wear it with any outfit.
Price: $35.00
Beach Surfboard Pendant
Item #: PS-TP1550
The Beach Surfboard Pendant boasts a unique collection of symbols that are sure to compliment any outfit in your wardrobe. Lead the way as one of the first people to proudly wear this pendant which promotes a true beach life style.
Price: $15.00
Black Pinstriping Surfboard Metal Sign
Item #: PT-VHR022
Bring the relaxed feel of the ocean to your decor with the Black Pinstriping Surfboard Metal Sign, which features a beautiful surfboard shape with a black background and an intricate design of thin lines decorating the center.
Price: $27.00
Blazing Surfboard Earrings
Item #: PS-TER031
The beach is fun during the day, and at night you can experience a whole new world. These Blazing Surfboard Earrings are an excellent reminder that the fun does not end when the sun goes down, and that all you need to relax is a good fire.
Price: $33.00
Blue Tiki Surfboard Metal Sign
Item #: PT-SB016
Bring the beauty of Hawaii to your home decor with the Blue Tiki Surfboard Metal Sign, which features a field of white and yellow flowers surrounding a magnificent tiki statue on a blue background that resembles the water.
Price: $22.00
Brown Tiki Surfboard Metal Sign
Item #: PT-RPC007
A wonderful decor accent that will bring color and personality to any room, the Brown Tiki Surfboard Metal Sign displays a green surfboard with yellow stripes with a delightful brown tiki statue surrounded by flowers.
Price: $24.00
Circular Wave Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD076
The ocean can shift from soft rolls of water to mile high waves in a relatively short period of time. The Circular Wave Pendant depicts this movement of water across its front with the image of a stylized blue ocean wave as it curls.
Price: $45.00
Continual Wave Bracelet
Item #: PS-TBL015
The Continual Wave Bracelet is sure to relax you just as the water did on a beach trip. This bracelet combines elegance and fun to create an accessory that friends are sure to talk about when you proudly wear this at events.
Price: $72.00
Curling Waves Ring
Item #: PS-TR553
You will be able to feel the power of the ocean currents wherever you are with the Curling Waves Ring. Each wave along the band of the ring displays a spiraling curl before flowing into the wave that follows.
Price: $25.00
Dolphin Surfboard Pendant
Item #: PS-TP1583
Imagine riding the waves like a dolphin with this detailed surfboard pendant. The Dolphin Surfboard Pendant features a single dolphin among a blue inlay that emphasizes the curling wave designs around its form.
Price: $22.00
Double Sea Wave Earrings
Item #: PS-TER026
Surfers, sailors, and ocean lovers of all kinds can appreciate the beauty of white foam and rolling sea waves. The Double Sea Wave Earrings feature small round studs with a wave design, from which hangs a chain and round wave pendant.
Price: $44.00
Feet on the Surfboard Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD070
As the wave catches your board it is not always easy keeping your balance. With the Feet on the Surfboard Pendant you will remember this fact of life. Commemorate a successful ocean adventure with this elegant and unique pendant.
Price: $35.00
Fiery Surfboard Earrings
Item #: PS-TER032
Hang ten and reach blazing speeds on your board as you capture the surfer spirit with the Fiery Surfboard Earrings. You will be the talk of the beach as you proudly wear this elegant and adventurous set of earrings.
Price: $35.00