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Mermaid Candle Holders, Octopus Candle Holders, Sea Life Candle Holders and Lighthouse Candle Holders
The warm light of a candle is the perfect way to add elegant ambiance to any setting. But what if your decor happens to have an ocean themed or beach oriented style? Have no worries, because Chic Beach Boutiques offers a selection of themed candle holders that mimic the appeal of the ocean and the sea shore, so that you can stay within your theme when you light a candle.
Mermaid Clocks, Dolphin Clocks, Ocean Wall Clocks and Beach Themed Table Clocks
The denizens of the deep may not be able to tell time, but you certainly can! Not only that, but you can also tell time via a truly handsome timepiece, when you get your clocks from Chic Beach Boutiques. Not a fan of sea creatures? That is ok, because we also try to offer an array of beach and ocean themed clocks as well, so that you can emulate the relaxing atmosphere of the sun and the surf in your decor.
Ocean Themed Wall Hooks, Mermaid Hook Hangers, Turtle Hook Hangers and Tropical Wall Hooks
The selection of key and coat hangers offered by Chic Beach Boutique lets you combine functionality and ornamentation in your home decor. These ocean and beach themed hooks and hangers allow you to organize your entryway, mudroom, or other wall space and keep your keys and coats handy for when you are on the go.
Sea Life Themed Furniture, Mermaid Tables, Beach Furniture, Dolphin Tables and Octopus Tables
The furniture in your space is one of the most important decor decisions for you to make when choosing your interior design. Let Chic Beach Boutique provide you with a number of high quality pieces for your home, yacht, office, or beach house that combine style and functionality in their ocean and beach themed appearances.
Aquatic Glass Art, Jellyfish Orbs, Glass Sea Animals and Sculpted Glass Figurines
Vibrant and eye-catching color combines with delicate design in each and every one of the pieces in our glass art category. Every one of these accents are made from glass, lending them a polished quality that does not fail to impress. For the fan of sea creatures and ocean scenes, nothing beats one or more of these lovely glass art figurines.
Ocean Home Decor, Decorative Sea Shells, Mermaid Trays, Woven Sea Life Throws and Ocean Bowls
Keep the Chic Beach Boutique line of home accents in mind when it comes time to decorate your home, beach house, yacht, or office. Our selection of high quality ocean and beach themed decor supplies the perfect finishing touches to the interior design of any room, providing details both great and small to suit your decorating needs.
Incense Burners, Incense Trays, and Incense Holders
Discover a world of beautiful maritime decor here at Chic Beach Boutique. Our aquatic incense burners are just one of the ways you can show your love for the ocean in your home. We carry an excellent variety of nautical incense trays and marine life incense stands featuring classic ocean and beach themed designs like tiki figures, mermaids, tropical fish, and more. Many of these decorative incense burners display bright colors and excellent detail.
Sea Life Kitchen Decor, Beach Themed Kitchen Accents, Ocean Counter Top Decor and Coral Reef Racks
If you are going beach or ocean themed in your home, do not neglect your kitchen! at Chic Beach Boutique, we offer an exciting array of fine decorative pieces that are perfect for enhancing the overall look and style of your kitchen, infusing it with an oceanic design that mimics the beauty of deep seascapes! Take some time to browse through, and see what you can do for your kitchen today.
Standing Sea Life Mirrors, Ocean Themed Wall Mirrors, Aquatic Animal Mirrors and Mermaid Mirrors
If you are looking for something fun and functional to decorate with, consider one of our great mirrors. And of course, if you get it from us at Chic Beach Boutique, you know it is going to be a quality piece that features a high degree of detail and recreates the beauty of the ocean and the beach. Our mirrors allow you to easily add some stunning aquatic appeal to any room in your domicile.
Ocean Themed Paperweights, Beach Paperweights, Shell Paperweights, Octopus Paperweights and Glass Paperweights
Does the daily grind get you down? Nothing refreshes the mind and body better than the ocean and the beach, and thanks to Chic Beach Boutiques, you can do just that without leaving your office! If you decide to decorate your office and your desk in an ocean or beach theme, you will likely find yourself in need of a good paperweight. And boy, do we have plenty to choose from.
Sea Life Sculptures, Beach Themed Figurines and Aquatic Statues
Few elements of home decor have the potential to match the dramatic appeal of a statue or sculpture like the ones offered by Chic Beach Boutique. We offer a selection of small, medium, and large statues made from brass, aluminum, marble and other fine materials, so you can be sure to find something impressive and perfectly themed to fit your space.
Vintage Beach Signs, Surfer Signs, Dive Signs and Aquatic Wall D'cor
Signs and wall art are a great way to infuse your own style into the decor. For those who have an interest in the ocean and the beach, Chic Beach Boutiques offers an array of accents and elements that are perfect for filling up your wall space. This way, you can bring color, life, and even humor to your surroundings just by hanging a few plaques and signs up in your den or sitting room.
Kids Marine Animal Toys, Kids Fish Figurines, Aquatic Collectibles and Sea Creature Figures
Kids and collectors both young and old can enjoy the array of figurines offered by Chic Beach Boutiques. Our selection of toys and collectibles includes tubes and bulk bags of miniatures, figurines, and other knick-knacks for your pleasure. All of our products for kids have been safety tested and are lead and phthalate free.
Mermaid Trinket Boxes, Beach Life Boxes, Ocean Jewelry Boxes and Sea Life Stash Boxes
Beneath the ocean waves lies sunken ships and treasure. Inspired by the watery depths and the many creatures that call them home are the trinket boxes of Chic Beach Boutiques. These trinket boxes are a perfect way for you to store or hide away your own trinkets, and with their ocean and beach styled looks, they are also a great way to infuse some personal style into your decor too.