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Dolphin Duet Sculpture with Speaker
Item #: SI-33865
The playful natures of dolphins make it no surprise that they are one of the favorite creatures of the ocean. The Dolphin Duet Sculpture with Speaker features two of these aquatic mammals mid-leap above the waves.
Price: $759.00
On Sale For: $550.00
Garden Crab Sculpture
Item #: SI-50694
Crabs remain distinct with their large front claws and sideways walk. With the Garden Crab Sculpture, you can show off your appreciation of marine life in the decor of your garden or beach house.
Price: $102.00
On Sale For: $75.00
Garden Turtle
Item #: SI-AL13662
One of the most ancient creatures on Earth, sea turtles can grow to enormous sizes by maturity. This Garden Turtle sculpture depicts a young swimming sea turtle that has been finished for the outdoors in order to weather nicely.
Price: $205.00
On Sale For: $150.00
Mermaid and Dolphin Armillary
Item #: SI-33597
Sailors used armillary spheres, also known as astrolabes, to navigate with their representations of the movements of the heavens. This Mermaid and Dolphin Armillary depicts a lovely mermaid supporting the armillary above her head.
Price: $469.00
On Sale For: $341.00
Mermaid Lantern
Item #: SI-33693
Mermaids form a crucial part of ocean lore, appearing in myths and legends as dangerous sirens and beautiful enchantresses. The Mermaid Lantern depicts one figure holding her lantern aloft as she caresses the dolphin who accompanies her.
Price: $180.00
On Sale For: $132.00
Sea Turtle Duo Sculpture with Speaker
Item #: SI-33872
Aquatic life stays hidden down in the ocean depths, inspiring fascination around the exotic creatures that live below the waves. The Sea Turtle Duo Sculpture with Speaker displays a small coral environment in this garden statue.
Price: $609.00
On Sale For: $440.00
Seahorse Birdbath
Item #: SI-34272
Enjoy the beauty of the ocean depths in your home and garden with this fantastic aquatic decor. The Seahorse Birdbath displays a seahorse sculpted within a seashell basin that is held up by the long branches of a coral reef.
Price: $187.00