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Ariel Mermaid Pendant
Item #: SC2729
Inspired by the tales of a certain mermaid out of classic fairytale, this Ariel Mermaid Pendant offers a stellar accessory that allows anyone to add a touch of undersea style to their look and a unique pendant to their collection.
Price: $12.00
Art Nouveau Mermaid Tray
Item #: SC7558
Lazily perched in a small pool, this Art Nouveau Mermaid Tray creates the perfect place to store any number of small things. She is also just a stunning accent which looks excellent standing alone too.
Price: $33.00
Atlantis Mermaid Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD278
The legend of Atlantis sinking beneath the ocean has intrigued people since its first telling. This Atlantis Mermaid Pendant offers one speculation about the inhabitants of the city with this elegant figure.
Price: $55.00
Bathtime by Selina Fenech
Item #: WU-1790
Even mermaids enjoy pampering themselves! Reclining in a floral claw foot tub surrounded by pillar candles, this coppery mermaid is the embodiment of bliss. Bathtime by Selina Fenech is a decadent addition to any fantasy collection.
Price: $75.60
Be A Mermaid Magnet
Item #: ND-94070
Keep the dream alive when you decorate any metallic surface with our inspiring Be A Mermaid Magnet. This magnet has a silhouette of a mermaid wading through the ocean above the words, Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be a Mermaid.
Price: $3.75
Beached Mermaid Wrap Ring
Item #: PS-TRI1327
A fish out of water is in grave danger. That much is also true with the dangerous beauties known as mermaids. The sea maiden in the Beached Mermaid Wrap Ring is unfortunate enough to have been caught in this vulnerable predicament.
Price: $32.00
Beauty of the Sea Pendant and Chain
Item #: PS-TSE691
Mermaids are known for their alluring nature. Many sailors have been lured to their death by their enchanting beauty. When you get the Beauty of the Sea Pendant and Chain, you have the opportunity to harness such power for yourself!
Price: $62.00
Beloved Mermaid Pendant
Item #: PS-TPD514
Inspired by the work by Sasha St. John, the Beloved Mermaid Pendant features a lovely mermaid posed to meet with her lover. She raises her arms above her head with her hair cascading down her back, her fins spread out below her.
Price: $23.00
Black Mermaid Shot Glass
Item #: WU-1397
A fantastic addition to your barware collection, the Black Mermaid Shot Glass brings the wonder of the ocean to your night of drinking. Embossed on the black surface is a shining silver colored mermaid creating an aquatic look.
Price: $11.00
Black Mermaid Wine Glass
Item #: WU-1396
Elegantly enjoy the wine of your choosing with the Black Mermaid Wine Glass, which features a lovely mermaid embossed on the exterior. This wine glass is perfect for expressing your love of oceanic fantasy.
Price: $17.00
Blue Mermaid Necklace
Item #: CCJ116
A wonderful way to accent your style, the Blue Mermaid Necklace is perfect for displaying your love for oceanic fantasy. This necklace features a mermaid calmly resting as she dangles elegantly from your neck.
Price: $11.50
Brass Mermaid Necklace and Earrings Set
Item #: AJ-0431
When you want jewelry with all the beauty artisan craftsmanship has to offer, these pieces make the perfect ocean-inspired accessories. The Brass Mermaid Necklace and Earrings Set displays an enchanting mermaid on each item.
Price: $33.00
Brass Mermaid Toggle Bracelet
Item #: AJ-0427
With the ethereal beauty of the sea, this bracelet features the figure of a mermaid against a rectangular base showing ocean waves. The Brass Mermaid Toggle Bracelet wraps around your wrist as a masterpiece of artisan craftsmanship.
Price: $21.00
Bronze Enchanted Song Mermaid Statue
Item #: WU-1812
Somewhere beneath the waves, a mermaid offers her song to the sea. The Bronze Enchanted Song Mermaid Statue depicts an aquatic maiden sitting serenely on the ocean floor. Hand painting reveals the beautiful detail of this collectible.
Price: $35.00
Bronze Mermaid and Dolphin Statue
Item #: SC7772
This beautiful statue depicts a golden dolphin and lovely mermaid breaching the ocean to share a moment. The Bronze Mermaid and Dolphin Statue is immensely detailed with vibrant colors which are sure to catch the eye.
Price: $30.00
Bronze Mermaid and Shell Coupe
Item #: WU-1234
Depicting a wondrous scene of a young mermaid dragging a large conch shell behind her as she swims, the Bronze Mermaid and Shell Coupe is a magnificent decor piece which provides an oceanic look and a bowl to hold your small trinkets.
Price: $67.60
Bronze Mermaid Hand Mirror
Item #: SC7670
An intricate and elegantly designed mirror blending practicality and beauty. The Bronze Mermaid Hand Mirror is the perfect addition for those looking to add something unique and colorful to their vanity.
Price: $30.00
Bronzed Mermaid Incense Burner
Item #: SC9000
Sunning herself in hopes of attracting the attention of a passing ship, this mermaid enjoys the sound of the waves lapping around her rock. The Bronzed Mermaid Incense Burner makes a stunning fantasy collectible for mermaid lovers.
Price: $14.00
Celestial Waters Mermaid Statue by Sheila Wolk
Item #: CC10180
Encapsulating the wonder of oceanic fantasy, the Celestial Waters Mermaid Statue by Sheila Wolk delightfully depicts a mermaid curled up in a colorful shell as a variety of sea life surrounds the scene.
Price: $32.00
Clam Shell and Mermaid Tray
Item #: WU-1403
Creating a fantastic place to store any small trinkets, the Clam Shell and Mermaid Tray depicts a young mermaid laying along the rim of a large half clam shell. This scene is crafted from fine porcelain to create a vibrant finish.
Price: $42.00