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Coral and Shell Stoneware Dish
Item #: VH-O327L
A spectacular way to bring food directly from the oven to your dinner table, the Coral and Shell Stoneware Dish features a large white casserole dish and a serving caddy which brings functionality to the oceans natural beauty.
Price: $495.00
Coral Canister
Item #: SI-34000
Bring a hint of fresh ocean air to your home or beach house with this coral reef decor. The Coral Canister allows you to store whatever you desire in its white ceramic container with metallic reef details.
Price: $195.00
On Sale For: $141.00
Coral Glass Serving Bowls
Item #: SI-34001
Whether you are entertaining guests or simply hunting for ocean themed decor, the Coral Glass Serving Bowls offer a quality choice to meet your needs. Three glass bowls perch on this metallic coral display stand.
Price: $145.00
On Sale For: $106.00
Coral Plate Stand
Item #: SI-33981
Impress your houseguests with the chic style of your home or beach house with this serving plate stand that is perfect for entertaining. The Coral Plate Stand includes two level of plates for serving canapes.
Price: $165.00
On Sale For: $119.00
Glass Collar Octopus Dessert Stand
Item #: VH-O428OS
Wonderfully unique in its design, the Glass Collar Octopus Dessert Stand features a pewter octopus wearing a round glass collar, providing a delightful space to house any appetizes, small dishes, or desserts which you desire to serve.
Price: $695.00
Glass Seashell Dessert Cup
Item #: VH-O425C-1
Depicting sheer elegance, the Glass Seashell Dessert Cup will dress up its contents and have your guests in awe. This dessert cup is crafted from glass and accented with pewter seashells and ropes, giving it the aquatic look you seek.
Price: $44.00
Glass Stingray Tray
Item #: VH-O407SR
A signature piece for your next party, the Glass Stingray Tray features four, perfectly detailed Southern Stingrays that embellish the corners. This luxury glass serving tray makes a charming addition to a marine life table setting.
Price: $485.00
Grand Wooden Sea Turtle Tray
Item #: VH-O213TL
Bring the majestic beauty of the sea turtle to your table with the Grand Wooden Sea Turtle Serving Tray. This tray features a realistic design of a swimming sea turtle, with the shell curving upward to provide a functional serving area.
Price: $510.00
Hammered Steel Lobster Serving Tray
Item #: VH-O811LL
Add lobster to any meal with the Hammered Steel Lobster Serving Tray, which features a realistic pewter crafted lobster accent resting along the edge of this beautiful stainless steel coupe styled serving tray.
Price: $440.00
Hardwood Tray with Cornered Crab
Item #: VH-O210
A lovely addition to your serveware collection, the Hardwood Tray with Cornered Crab will help complete the aquatic theme of your event. This piece is sure to wow your guests with the beautiful wood grain and intricate pewter crab.
Price: $253.00
Large Crab and Seashell Bowl
Item #: VH-O471CL
Serve your guests with nautical style by using the Large Crab and Seashell Bowl to hold dip or a side dish at your elegant event or dinner. This bowl replicates a Singapore clam half shell with a small pewter crab adornment.
Price: $62.00
Large Ocean Life Stoneware Platter
Item #: VH-O307
The perfect tray to serve an elegant seafood dinner, the Large Ocean Life Stoneware Platter will catch the attention of every guest. This lovely platter is adorned with an array of marine life, bringing a bit of the ocean to your table.
Price: $399.00
Large Octopus and Seashell Bowl
Item #: VH-O471OL
Exemplifying oceanic beauty, the Large Octopus and Seashell Bowl is a wonderful way to serve dips or side dishes while maintaining your aquatic theme. This bowl is designed to emulate a Singapore clam with an octopus resting on it.
Price: $70.00
Large Octopus Dessert Stand
Item #: VH-O428OL
A stunning piece of artistic elegance, the Large Octopus Dessert Stand features a large and intricately detailed pewter octopus supporting a thick glass table, providing a spectacular display for your various desserts.
Price: $2,200.00
Large Octopus Stoneware Platter
Item #: VH-O304O
A highly intricate octopus accent combines with a simple and elegant serving dish to create the Large Octopus Stoneware Platter, the perfect addition for those seeking a beautifully unique table setting.
Price: $220.00
Large Wood Crab Salad Bowl
Item #: VH-O212CL
A distinct way to present your greens, the Large Wood Crab Salad Bowl brings oceanic beauty to your table. This wooden bowl is very wide with softly sloping sides and adorned with a pair of crabs resting on a coral patch.
Price: $165.00
Large Wood Octopus Salad Bowl
Item #: VH-O212SL
Featuring a beautiful octopus resting on the edge, the Large Wood Octopus Salad Bowl is a fantastic dish to serve any salad you desire. This bowl is crafted from acacia wood and accented with pewter to create this eye pleasing design.
Price: $160.00
Medium Octopus Dessert Stand
Item #: VH-O428OM
A magnificent display for your desserts or small foods, the Medium Octopus Dessert Stand is a dazzling piece of decor which will have your guests amazed by its unique design and the culinary creations it may hold.
Price: $880.00
Mist Seashell Stoneware Cake Stand
Item #: VH-O359S-CQ-M
A delightful dish to display your dessert, the Mist Seashell Stoneware Cake Stand will elegantly keep your aquatic theme. This pewter accented stoneware stand elevates your cake to display its splendor to the entire table.
Price: $118.00
Mist Seashell Stoneware Canape Plate
Item #: VH-O354S-1-CQ-M
Perfect for beginning your event with an aquatic tone, the Mist Seashell Stoneware Canape Plate will help your guests embrace the theme from start to end as they enjoy their appetizers from this pewter shell accented dish.
Price: $22.00