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Beach Figurines, Beach Jewelry, Surfboard Jewelry, Beach Signs and Tropical Figurines
What comes to mind when you consider the beach? No matter what you are looking for, the beach category offers a sense of fun and relaxation that only surf, sand, and sun can provide. Chic Beach Boutiques is pleased to provide bright colored, high quality beach gear, furniture, clothes, decor, and more.
Coral Reef Furniture, Coral Reef Statues, Coral Reef Decorations and Coral Reef Glassware
When you want aquatic beauty but do not know precisely what you are looking for, search through the coral category to find a stunning array of accents that are nothing shy of beautiful. No matter what you are looking for in the realms of decor, clothes, furniture, or beyond, you are sure to find something of interest here.
Diving Figurines, Diving Jewelry, Diving Signs and Diving Accessories
There are few ways to better enjoy the ocean waves than to explore while scuba diving or snorkeling. The underwater beauty of the coral reefs and exotic sea creatures combine in an awe inspiring display that makes swimming the sea a rewarding activity. For the fans of diving out there, Chic Beach Boutique offers wide array of dive and diving gear themed products.
Dolphin Decorations, Dolphin Statues, Dolphin Jewelry, Dolphin Clocks and Dolphin Tables
Dolphins exist in almost forty different species and are found in seas worldwide, especially along the continental shelves. They remain notable for their frequent leaps from the water as they swim. Chic Beach Boutiques is pleased to provide a wide variety of products featuring these acrobatic and social creatures.
Jellyfish Spheres, Jellyfish Glass Art, Jellyfish Jewelry and Jellyfish Decorations
Jellyfish, also known as jellies, exist in every ocean of the world, swimming in the surface waters as well as the deeps. Often displaying striking colors, these marine animals show off a unique form that is eye-catching, memorable, and lovely. With their color and beauty, Chic Beach Boutiques is proud to offer a selection of jellyfish themed accents and apparel.
Lighthouse Miniatures, Lighthouse Jewelry, Lighthouse Accents and Lighthouse Collectibles
Lighthouses serve as navigational aids to passing boats and ships at sea, warning of potential obstacles or dangers in their paths. These tall towers cast a wide beam of light that makes them attractive features in art and decor. For that reason, Chic Beach Boutiques is happy to offer a wide selection of lighthouse themed items.
Mermaid Statues, Mermaid Figurines, Mermaid Mirrors, Mermaid Clocks and Mermaid Jewelry
Throughout the ages, many sailors claim to have spotted mermaids and sirens on their long sea voyages. These lovely half-human sea creatures appear in both benevolent and perilous forms, and in either form, they are generally strikingly beautiful. Just like those stories, Chic Beach Boutiques has provided a wide selection of stunning mermaid products for your perusal.
Ocean Fish Collectibles, Game Fish Statues, Marlin Statues, Fish Jewelry and Ocean Fish Apparel
Ocean fish can show off distinctive and strong forms that are quite the sight to see, making them as impressive and awe-inspiring as the majestic whale or the deadly shark. at Chic Beach Boutique we provide an array of fun and detailed ocean fish accents and collectibles, so that you can see them and enjoy them without ever having to leave the comforts of your home.
Otter Statues, Sea Lion Figures, Seal Sculptures, Ocean Mammal Accents and Sea Mammal Jewelry
Marine mammals include a variety of creatures that depend on their ocean environment in order to thrive. Seals, sea lions, whales, dolphins, otters, walruses, manatees, and so forth fall into this group. Chic Beach Boutiques is proud to provide a number of different ocean mammal products for your perusal.
Octopus Statues, Octopus Glass Art, Octopus T-Shirts, Octopus Jewelry, Octopus Furniture and Squid Figurines
Octopuses draw attention wherever they appear with their eight long, flexible tentacles. Octopuses reside throughout the oceans among coral reefs, the open ocean, and along the sea floor. Surprisingly smart and resourceful, the octopus is an unforgettable creature, and Chic Beach Boutique offers plenty of octopus themed items to keep them constant in your day to day.
Manta Ray Statues, Stingray Statues, Manta Ray and Stingray Jewelry, Ray Figurines and Ray Collectibles
Though they look significantly different, rays are actually cousins to sharks! Showing off flattened bodies with wing-like pectoral fins, these creatures glide along the ocean floor in coastal waters or explore in the open sea. As distinctive as they are, Chic Beach Boutique is pleased to offer a selection that embodies the unique form of this sea creature.
Miniature Sand Dollars, Sand Dollar Jewelry and Sand Dollar Replicas
Though their forms make for popular beach finds, do not mistake sand dollars as pretty shells! Known also as sea cookies or sea biscuits, sand dollars are animals similar to sea urchins and starfish. They show off petal-like designs that make them lovely items for collection. Chic Beach Boutique has a great selection of sand dollar pieces.
Sea Horse Statues, Hippocampus Sculptures, Sea Horse Furniture and Sea Horse Jewelry
Sea horses swim in shallow tropical and temperate waters among coral reefs and sea grass beds. They display a curious equine appearance, from which their name is derived, and prehensile tails that they use to grip stationary objects. An iconic denizen of the aquatic realm, Chic Beach Boutiques offers plenty of ways to celebrate this popular sea creature.
Shark Statues, Shark Tables, Shark Sculptures, Shark Jewelry, Shark Tooth Accents and Shark Collectibles
Anyone who has ever been to the beach knows the excitement of finding a shark tooth in the sand. These fish inspire as much awe as fear with their eye catching dorsal fins and apex predator status. You do not have to go swimming with the sharks to enjoy them, though. Instead, just visit our shark section at Chic Beach Boutique!
Crab Collectibles, Shellfish Accents, Lobster Figures, Crab Jewelry and Shellfish Jewelry
The term shellfish encompasses a number of animals, including mollusks, crustaceans, and echinoderms such as clams, oysters, crabs, lobster, snails, and more. Though they live in ocean waters, these creatures are not actually fish. Still, they are a classic creature of the sea and Chic Beach Boutique is happy to offer a selection of them to you.
Conch Shells, Lions Paw Shells, Replica Shells, Glass Art Shells, Sea Shell Collectibles and Sea Shell Jewelry
Seashells wash up along the sandy coastlines of beaches in great numbers, revealing bright colors, curious shapes, and intricate patterns. Beach combing remains a popular activity for this very reason. And at Chic Beach Boutique, you can grab some great sea shells as well, to add something colorful, striking, and decidedly beach themed oceanic to your decor.
Starfish Figurines, Starfish Jewelry, Sea Star Decorations and Starfish Glass Art
Starfish occupy the many sea beds, coral reefs, and tidal pools of the oceans, surviving among temperatures ranging from tropical to arctic. With their five arms and bright colors, they stand out from other animals. Celebrate them today by visiting Chic Beach Boutiques, where you can easily add one or more to your collection.
Tiki Bar Decor, Tiki Collectibles, and Tiki Figurines
Perfect for surfer shacks, beach bars, and tropical home decor, our line of tiki products at Chic Beach Boutique will meet all of your needs! We carry a vast array of tiki themed merchandise like wall art, candleholders, trinket boxes, mirrors, picture frames, clocks, and more that you can use to decorate your beach house. Many of these pieces show off bright colors and intricate detail, ensuring that you can find something that catches your eye.
Tropical Fish Statues, Angelfish, Clown Fish and Tropical Fish Jewelry
Whether you see them in an aquarium or in the coral reefs, tropical fish can inspire awe with their unique shapes, brilliant colors, and graceful movements. Many possess clever adaptations such as camouflage or needle-noses to help them survive. Big or small, Chic Beach Boutique offers a selection of these fishes so that you can transform your home with their appeal.
Sea Turtle Statues, Sea Turtle Furniture, Sea Turtle Collectibles, Sea Turtle Decor and Sea Turtle Jewelry
Sea turtles swim throughout the waters of the continental shelves with their large shells and leathery skin. Male sea turtles never return to shore after their birth, while females appear in order to lay their eggs. Both however, will make an exception for you when they are in the form of great sea turtle items from Chic Beach Boutiques!
Whale Statues, Whale Apparel, Whale Furniture, Whale Jewelry and Whale Collectibles
Whales include some of the largest creatures that have ever existed in the world, living long lives up to over a century in some cases among the ocean waves. Few sights can compare to the whale in any form, and at Chic Beach Boutique, we offer a number of products that capture the sense of awe and wonder that often accompanies the sight of a whale.