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Ocean Barware, Sea Life Decanters, Stoneware Pitchers and Bar Accessories
When you need a nice refreshment, look to the bar to provide. If it is a bar stocked with barware from Chic Beach Boutiques, that look is likely to be one that lingers with you! Our selection of barware allows any enthusiast or party host to fully create their own theme that is perfect for displaying their love of the sea and the ocean, while keeping drinks readily available for their guests.
Ocean Themed Coasters, Marble Coasters, Mermaid Coasters and Coaster Sets
Never overlook how valuable a coaster can be to your decor. Not only are they great little accents that help add the right touches of detail here and there in any room, but they are also handy choices that are perfect for keeping your fine furniture safe from condensation and spills! That is why Chic Beach Boutiques offers a wide array of sea and ocean themed coasters to best suit your taste and your needs.
Coral Reef Table Accents, Ocean Inspired Table Decorations and Beach Themed Table Accessories
None can doubt that when it comes to a themed party or gathering, the spread on your table is as important as the decorations in the room. Luckily, if you plan something nautical or sea styled, Chic Beach Boutique has you covered with our great selection of dining accessories, which are all perfect for accenting a casual get together at a beach house or a formal party with an ocean theme.
Drinking Glasses & Mugs, Octopus Wine Glasses, Mermaid Glasses, Sea Shell Glasses and Coral Reef Drinkware
Quench your thirst with a tasty drink, sipped from a vessel that brings to mind the soothing beauty of the ocean blue. Chic Beach Boutiques offers a great selection of drinking glasses and mugs that all feature aquatic and oceanic style, allowing you to create a themed set of drinkware that you and your guests can enjoy whenever you reach for beverage.
Beach Themed Fine China, Coral Serving Dishes, Ocean Themed Chargers and Sea Styled Plates
The plates and serving dishes on your table make up the largest part of your table setting. Chic Beach Boutiques is proud to offer a line of products to help you display and enjoy your meal in style. Inspired by the beauty of the ocean and beach, these dishes show off patterns, colors, sculpting, and other details that reflect the beauty of the ocean waves and its many creatures.
Silverware & Utensils, Ocean Themed Flatware and Sea Life Serving Utensils
Silverware is a subtle yet vitally important part of your table setting. After all, without it, how will your guests eat? Chic Beach Boutiques offers a selection of silverware and utensils that are designed with the sea in mind. This makes them a perfect choice for using at your beach house, as well as a great way to add a touch of ocean appeal to your more traditional dining experiences as well.